Chronic Complainer’s Ideas

It is not news to any one that I like to complain about things. Sometimes though when complaining about games I get asked what kind of game I would make, or what are some of my ideas, or how would I make a game better. I always enjoy these questions cause I always have a ton of ideas of games I would create If I had the knowledge to do so. As such below are some game concepts I have come up with that I feel would be great sellers.

Final Fantasy Arena (FFA)

This is a simple concept but essentially it is a 2D fighting game similar to Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat / Combat, or Street Fighter. It would showcase iconic characters from the Final Fantasy series and would have new characters added to the game from each new Final Fantasy game that gets released. It is not uncommon in FF to have caster characters but it would not be difficult to add specials or combos that integrate iconic moves into the game. For example Yuna from FFX and FFX-2 could be a staff based fighter but when using her special or ultimate she can summon an Aeon to do damage, and the Aeon could be changed. Playing as Tidus you would obviously be a sword based user but his special or ultimate could be the Jecht Shot. There is a lot that can be done with this concept but this is the basics of the idea.

Hack Sign Online

Any fans of the .hack//Sign and G.U trilogy games or the animes or books should know why this game would be perfect for a MMO style of game. My vision however is to integrate the game experience into the upcoming VR headsets that are planned to come out in the near future such as Project Morpheus or the Oculus Rift in order to make the experience as close or realistic as it is portrayed in the story. Likewise with the way the gate system works and the matching of keywords to create new instances or dungeons it makes it possible to add vast amounts of new content by simply adding a new keyword modifier that can be entered into a gate. The combat style would be similar to how it was portrayed in the .Hack// G.U series and dungeons would have constantly changing loot and constantly changing modifiers which would effect the difficulty of said dungeons. To get an idea of how the loot and rewards would change take a look at Skyforge which has a great system for changing rewards over a wide variety of content at set intervals. The game of course would have compatibility with controllers or keyboard and mouse and would play similar to Tera Rising when using keyboard and mouse.

Pokémon Universe

When ever you play a new pokemon game you start off in a new region, fight a few gym leaders, and eventually go off to win the pokemon league. Likewise every new generation of pokemon introduces old and new generation pokemon but also removes or adds new skills to the list of moves they can learn via TM’s, HM’s, Breeding, or just leveling them up. I always found this very frustrating as older pokemon with the older moves are often better than the new generation of pokemon with their new move lists. I also found it kind of dumb that you could never fight gym leaders in new regions or old regions and compete in pokemon leagues there. My vision of the best pokemon game would be the one where you can travel to every single region throughout pokemon game history. The pokemon captured in each region would have the move sets of that region as such a Pikachu caught in the Johto region would be able to learn moves from any of the various methods that would be completely different than a Pikachu caught in the Hoenn region. You would start off in one region until you complete the pokemon league there along with what ever story is associated with that region, and what ever the villain is would retreat to a different region to progress the story. You would then have to take a boat or fly to the new region where the story progresses. When you reach that new region the pokemon trainers would be scaled up while the wild pokemon would have similar levels between each town comparable to the previous region, with the highest leveled being near the pokemon league in that area. The difference here is that pokemon in this region can learn different movesets than the previous one so capturing the same pokemon here could be beneficial to creating that perfect pokemon you desire. This would repeat until you complete the pokemon league in every region allowing entry into the ultimate pokemon league where you will fight pokemon league members who have also done the same as you. Their pokemon would consist of one core element for each member you fight but the pokemon they use would also be mixed from different regions. This makes these leaders much stronger as you could have a Hitmonchan with various elemental punches that you can not currently get without cheating or transferring the pokemon from very old games to current generation. With the way this plays out leveling would need to change as such the cap can no longer be level 100. The easiest thing to do would be to increase the level to 200 but make the stat increase per level lower so that this generation of pokemon at 200 would still be comparable to old generation pokemon at 100. Experience past 100 would increase exponentially so that one would reach the ultimate pokemon league at a normal playing pace and still be under leveled compared to those members forcing the player to slowly level their characters up over time to eventually win. As for PVP this would change pokemon forever as you would no longer be forced to transfer pokemon from old generation to new generations unless you want event pokemon that had different colors such as ones given in pokemon x and y as events. You would be able to breed and level up pokemon with the moves you want from any past generation in the current generation making hacking pokemon moves and transferring the pokemon through the generations no longer required for players who would resort to cheating. It would change pokemon forever.


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