Chronic Complainer Reviews : Random Topics of Passion

As a gamer I have many passions about games. I see games change and evolve as the years role by. I see both things that I like and enjoy, as well as things I extremely dislike. I see games that rise to the top only to crumble to its feet when a new company takes over. I’ve seen my share of money go down the drain and I’ve seen my money go towards something I felt was actually worth it. These days making games is quite hard. The gamers of today have much drastically higher expectations than what gamers like myself expected in the past. Those expectations are certainly understandable though. With technology always improving, new ideas always being created, and new games always being created, we as gamers want to know that we are investing our time into something actually worthy of it. As such horrible games are doomed for failure while great games receive tons of praise and awards ensuring that future products can be made as long as that trend continues. Gaming and video game entertainment in general is not my only passion though. I also have quite a hobby involving electronic cigarettes and I am an extreme fan of anime. Likewise as an aspiring psychologist with a B. A in Psychology I also have my own interests and curiosities about people and the complicated processes that we use throughout our everyday lives without even knowing it. As such I will be using this portion of my website to discuss a wide variety of topics not always game related but something I am passionate about and feel like discussing with others.


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