ESO Morrowind Will Kill ESO!


As a long term fan of not only Elder Scroll’s Online, but the entire Elder Scroll’s series as a whole, I have to say over the last year ESO has slowly and slowly gotten worse and worse. Instead of fixing the problems presented by the community, Zenimax continues to perpetuate the issues. Slowly the game is being catered to the casual gamer, and the benefits of investing long periods of the time in the game slowly begin to disappear. As time goes on Zenimax has done nothing but change the game to somehow generate more profit for them.

With the upcomming update, Morrowind, there is an insane amount of nerfs that are going to result in Zenimax losing money. How you might ask?

  • They nerf key vital skills and benefits for every single class in the game, except the Sorceror / Sorceress. As such there is only 2 viable classes in Morrowind, the Sorceror, and their new OP class Warden.
  • They make ESO Plus give double bank capacity.
  • Warden is not free
    • Warden is OP. It has some skills that have no cost. It can effectively do single target DPS, AOE DPS, Tank, or Heal. It has many sources of Major buffs, which are hard to get elsewhere. It has a skill that recovers magicka or stamina for 25 seconds, and costs nothing to use it….

Here is how other classes were severely impacted

  • Flat reductions to obtainable stamina reduction and generation
    • Stamina Abilities now cost 5% more to cast, when Stamina Builds are already weaker than Magicka based ones, and have less ways to generate it.
  • Popular strong passives in Champion Point Tree have had max values nerfed substantially, while niche mostly useless ones have been buffed, some have even been moved, to make them a non option. on top of this they are giving most of the points for low investment while making heavy investment have diminishing returns. This means casuals will be able to compete against long term verterans when they shouldn’t be able to.
    • Warlord no longer reduces stamina costs
    • Magician no longer reduces magicka costs


  • Nightblades
    • no longer gain Critical Damage from stealth attacks in PVP
    • Siphoning Strikes nerfed
      • Leeching Strikes makes light and heavy attacks restore stamina based on character level
      • Siphoning Attacks makes light and heavy attacks restore magicka based on character level
      • Siphoning Strikes now only restores health based on character level
  • Dragon knights
    • Igneous Shields Major mending buff is tied to shield, and is lost when shield breaks, which is 1 or 2 hits from almost anything…
    • Helping Hands restores stamina based on character level… (generate less stamina than currently if your stamina is above 20k)
    • Battle Roar restores equal amounts of health, magicka, and stamina, resulting in less generation of the specific thing you want.
  • Templar
    • Repentance restores health and stamina based on character level, and only your character gets the stamina regeneration
    • Rushed Ceremony only heals in a cone in front of you
    • Sacred Ground no longer gives major mending, but minor mending instead (time to switch to warden for easy major mending)


By nerfing all the classes, and indirectly implementing nerfs that will impact sorceror, they are making their new class, the Warden, a more desirable choice. Its a class that can literally do everything. On top of that their not nerfing Warden to balance it out with the other classes. The last two patches have already been harsh enough as ESO has received nothing but constant nerfs, with no fixes to the real problem at hand here. The real problem is Champion Points, The problem was Veteran Ranks. They have fixed half the problem, all they have to do is fix the other half, remove champion points, not increase them because they still have no clue on how to balance the system they created.

Most of our builds will not be viable, and there will be no ways of making them viable with all the nerfs implemented to make skills cost way more to cast, and sets, passives, and champion points all giving significantly less cost reductions. All these changes Zinimax is making to try to balance PVP is also effecting people who only play PVE content. Its already bad enough that key skills are gated behind PVP skill lines, but nerfs are handed out left and right to balance PVP without taking into consideration how it effects people in PVE as well. With these new changes I don’t know how most players will ever complete Veteran Maelstrome Arena or other content that is quite difficult.


With so many builds going straight into the trash of viability, I think it is practically mandatory that Warden becomes part of the base game, not requiring any purchase of any kind to play it. If not, many people will not only decide not to buy Morrowind, but they will also just stop playing the game entirely. Be prepared to see this great game die, because Zenimax clearly does not play their own game.

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One response to “ESO Morrowind Will Kill ESO!”

  1. Cory Hardwood says :

    Don’t worry they will do the same thing with siege a new operator would be op then nerf him after everyone bought the new operator.


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