The Last of Us: Part 2 , Is Joel Dead?


After watching the Last of Us: Part 2 reveal from PSX I have come up with what I believe to be the main story or motivation for Ellie. After watching this trailer I get the sense that Joel has died. Meaning that early in the game or part of the way through the gameplay, Joel will die. Here is some of my reasoning.

  1. Joel walking into the building from a bright white light. Seeming to represent he is already dead.
  2. Joel completely ignores the bodies and goes directly to Ellie
  3. Ellie does not hear or look at Joel as he walks into the room
  4. You never see Joel’s face
  5. Ellie’s response


Here is what I believe. Joel is a delusion. His death has severely impacted Ellie in a significant way. Joel has been killed by the Firefly’s and Ellie’s goal is to kill every last one of them for what they have done. They have taken the only father figure Ellie has ever had. Throughout the story Joel will haunt and guide Ellie but Ellie is all on her own. Joel would never ever let Ellie go ahead of him, or on her own, as she means to much to him. The fact that every one in the house is dead and then Joel shows up later also supports my idea that Joel is dead already.


Am I crazy or are there others out there getting the same vibe I am. If you watch the trailer with the viewpoint that Joel is already dead it really seems to make a lot of sense. The last of Us: Part 2 is supposed to be all about “Hatred”. I can not see any other incident that could cause so much hatred in Ellie, that is believable. I would not be surprised to see how Joel has died within the first 20 minutes of the game after having played the first game. All I know is this. I am buying this game on day one and I can not wait!


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