The Last of Us: Part 2, Does Ellie Lose A Romantic Partner?


So I have been trying to determine alternative motives for Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2. I have come to the conclusion that there can only be 1 other alternative other than Joel dying. That is the death of a romantic partner. In The Last of Us : Left Behind we find out that at least at a young age Ellie appeared to be in love with another female character named Riley. On that same note it has been said that a new LGBT character will appear in The Last of Us : Part 2 referenced below.


As such this got me thinking. This new character is a secondary character, meaning we wont see much of them. With Ellie’s love interest in The Last of Us : Left Behind I believe that Ellie is only romantically interested in females. This is sort of hinted at in the base game after Joel and Ellie get a car from Billy and she pulls out a male version of say a playboy magazine to “see what all the fuss is about”. Knowing that this new character will be introduced provides me with this secondary alternative motivation for Ellie in The Last of Us : Part 2. It is possible Ellie falls in love with another female character over the last 5 years since the previous game. Possibly some one she might have met when Joel brought Ellie back to Tommy’s. The Firefly’s continue their search for Ellie to attempt to create a cure for the infected and end up killing Ellie’s partner. This sparks hatred in Ellie and motivates her to kill all the firefly’s. The entire game would be mainly about Ellie and this situation while Joel is present in a supportive role aiding Ellie in her quest for revenge. It is a convienient goal considering the ending of the previous game.


I have heard a few people who have read this saying it is possible a loved one is simple kidnapped or raped. With the winter scene in the first game and the side effects of being in said situation, I can see that building up some hatred. I however can not see it being the entire motivation for the story. At the very least it is not a good enough story for me. I believe the emotional impact of the story has to be equally met with something just as impactful. As such a rescue story is not very impactful, even if done very well, compared to what I would expect from Naughty Dog. The Last of Us: Part 2 PSX Panel showed that this game is going to be “heavy”, and when Ashley heard it for the first time from Neil she cried a lot! Basically the vibe I get is this. The Last of Us was an emotional rollercoaster with predictable outcomes that were still very sad and impactful despite the predictability. What we already know, what we have experienced, the emotional attachment we have towards Ellie and Joel, it is nothing compared to what we are going to experience in The Last of Us: Part 2. If you thought you got emotional with the first game, you might not be able to handle Naughty Dog’s next masterpiece!

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