Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

I really wanted this game to be good. After playing the beta I have lost all hope for this game. there are so many aspects of the game that are bad that simply can not be fixed.

First of all the lag compensation in IW is horrible. i can shoot some one 5 + times while getting shot 1 time and I die. Lag is a contributer to this issue although it has improved with the addition of some dedicated servers.

The spawning is also ridiculously horrible outside of the frontline mode which forces you to spawn on your side of the map. You can spawn directly behind other people looking straight at them, kill that player, and then they spawn behind you and kill you.  You have to constantly be looking behind you at all times because at any second an enemy can spawn there. It is quite frustrating. 

Besides these technical issues there are other mechanics that can not be fixed. Rigs in IW are straight up unfair. They can get free health regeneration as a perk with no visual representation of this effect. Rigs can also get faster thruster recharge rate & another Rig gets their screen to glow yellow when any one looks at you. Rigs can even get longer lasting equipment which is just frustrating. One of the rigs even has a shield and can do a shield charge which pretty much guarantees they will kill you as you can not shoot through the shield which covers the entire front side of them. One of the rigs can even turn into a dog and can run on walls… Granted if you see the dog you can easily wreck it but if you are cut off guard this rig can wreck people easily running from wall to wall. 

The gun variants in IW are Over Powered. From infinite damage range, to nuclear as a perk, to a free random attachment when you spawn, and even a perk that hides friendly allies from enemy radars. Yay a free instant counter UAV that promotes camping. Another gun even gives health regen on kill. This means your weapon can bait people into going in to kill you when you are full health and they think you are injured. You can even get a gun with a free master key attachment, another gets double the damage for free with a minor fire rate while another insta kills in 2 shots.  These weapon perks on weapon variants are straight up unfair. There is no way to know what weapon some one is using until you are dead, and then people can change weapons completely ruining any possible strategy you could set up. This encourages pay to win as the weapon variants in almost all cases are straight up superior to their base weapon counterpart. You could spend weeks farming scrap to get some for free, or just buy supply drops and wreck people with your over powered weaponry. Even if you get enough scrap you are likely to get calling cards or camos than a weapon completely wasting your time spent.

Quickscoping in IW is insanely easy. I absolutely suck at quickscoping and was able to pull off some pretty sick montages. The really good quickscopers will be unstoppable. I have seen players running on walls, sliding, jumping off things in mid air and landing insane shots consistently throughout an entire game. It is quite ridiculous how much easier it has become to quick scope. 

Perhaps even more annoying than quickscoping and how OP weapon variants are combined with rigs is the default Duelist class. This class is so strong it is not even funny.  You are literally able to run around at level 1 with dual wield pistols that can kill in 2 or 3 shots. The pistols are automatic as well meaning you dont even need good trigger fingers. You literally run around and hold down the triggers and win almost every single close to mid range fight in the game. My first game with the duelist class I ended up going 4o-15….

Overall I did not enjoy the beta. From what is in the game currently I do not see the releasing improving upon the base game at all. The technical issues they can fix sure. The OP aspects of weapon variants and Rigs can not be fixed any other way than simply removing them entirely. They are not going to do that so it is a waste of money. I feel bad for those who want the Modern Warfare Remake or Remaster, because you have to buy this trash game to get it. If you absolutely want Modern Warfare buy this game. If not do not waste your time or money.

                                     CCR Rating



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