Neverwinter Review

I have regretted attempting to write this review. I believe even the worst of games can be fun to some people out there. But never have I seen such a scandalous game or company make a game that is so vile and broken.

Neverwinter is the biggest scam I have ever seen. Far worse than any other I have seen in the last decade. Everything in this game is modified or changed in a way that forces players to spend real money. The games moderators on their forums close every thread negative in nature to sections no player reads. If it is highly negative they delete the thread entirely, preventing player feedback from preventing new players from trying this game. 

They intentionally makes changes in the game that will starve the player for bag or bank space. They make duplicates of the same item to take up several more spaces than needed. They have many items in the game that normal stackable items, then “Account Bound”, and then “Character Bound” forcing you to use 3 spaces for the exact same item. This means you either delete them to save space, or buy their new bags to get more space. When they released this change to the game in mod 6 they released the runic bag of holding on sale at the same time.

In mod 5 getting hit by traps was not an issue. In mod 6 getting hit by a trap causes injury which you need to buy kits to heal your injury, or you stay with an injured and weakened character. If you are however a vip 7 you are immune to injury entirely.

At end game (60-70) the typical life pool is around 80k life. The best potion in the game however only heals for 10k life. Meaning they are essentially useless since you cant spam them in combat due to cooldowns. This forces players to only due content easy for them, which means they never get stronger or struggle to improve. Alternatively you can buy greater stones of health with real money to heal your characters efficiently.

In the game you get 2 free mounts playing through the game but they are generic mounts that are only for travel. If you want to be able to do end game content you need to buy specific mounts for your character which give stats that you need. Even after doing all the quests in the entire game you can only get to 67 forcing you to entirely grind to 70. 

Dungeons in the game are required to get better gear. But you dont get that better gear from the dungeons itself. Instead you do dungeons for 2 seals, seals you can use to trade for gear you need. However you need 400+ seals per item piece some costing over 600 seals.

Good luck getting those dungeons done though however as the queue time is ridiculously long, 20 minutes or longer on the regular. If any one leaves during the dungeon theres another 20 minutes just waiting for another player to join. If people leave a few times eventually you will no longer be able to have new players join the group forcing you to restart entirely.

The performance of the game is horrible, even on the new PS4 release. I didn’t notice it at first, but my brother walked into the room and pointed it out to me. The game is extremely laggy and has fps drops for no reason. Sprinting as a Great Weapon Fighter causes FPS loss for absolutely no reason.

This game apparently has millions of players on the consoles and pc, yet you never see them. Pc has only botters, and console has few players who ever make it to end game because this game is so bad it is genuinely painful to even play it to end game. 

Finally in order to get class gear you have to do a quest which says you need 2 level 60 characters in the game to claim it. In actuality you need 2 level 70 characters. 

This game apparently has 3 million + characters just on xbox alone. Then theres the PS4 playerbase, and the PC playerbase. However this game with millions of players has less than 100k followers on twitter while Elder Scrolls Online has almost 600k followers. This just shows how few players actually enjoy this game.

I will admit pre level 60 this game was fun. Despite the scams implemented in game the company has put in place to try to force me to buy bags, mounts, and other items, I still enjoyed the gameplay itself. After hitting 60 the game becomes an astronomical grind of ridiculous proportions. This game does nothing but try to coerce money out of you early game knowing end game you will dislike the game and quit. Unless you got a surplus of money to burn, or endless amounts of time to waste, do not even play this game.

                                  CCR Rating


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