Warframe Review (PS4)



Warframe is a free to play third person shooter developed and published by Digital Extremes. Most reviews for this game are a little outdated, about two to three years old and a lot of things have changed since then. As a free to play game this is one game every one should try at least once just to see if they like the way the free to play model is implemented or not. Everything in the game can be earned in game for free with the exception of some cosmetic skins. While some things can not be made or purchased with in game currency there are ways of getting the paid currency using items obtainable in game. Many warframes, or characters, have recipes that can be bought with credits. The same is also true of weaponry and some cosmetics for different warframes and weapons as well. If there is no recipe for them that can be bought with credits usually there are missions that can be done to earn recipes to make a specific weapon or warframe. Most notably primed versions of regular warframes require recipes obtained from void missions in order to make them. If you don’t want to put the work into it however you can spend real money to get platinum and use that to buy the parts from other players or you can buy a special pack that gives you the warframe already made. Of course you pay a hefty premium to have that privilege so of course it is always better to simply put the time in to obtain what you want.

Likewise everything you craft in the game has a timer that it takes to make the item. Twelve hours to make most weapons and three days to make a warframe for example. Optionally you can speed up the time using platinum as is most common in many mobile application games. This is usually what will make or break the game for players as some are simply impatient. Those who can get past the wait time will enjoy this game as there are many warframes and weaponry to test out and level up.


Every new update this game gets it typically adds a few new weapons and sometimes new bosses to fight or something new for the story line. This game can best be described as Mass Effect like but more in depth. From the cards you insert in your weapons and warframes to make them stronger to the reputation you gain with certain factions to PvP this game has it all to really set it above many of the other free to play shooters out there. The amount of customization in warframes is fantastic. You will likely never see another player with the same look as you unless you are just starting out in the game.

Gameplay wise there is always things you can be doing. Whether you are farming for parts to make a new weapon or warframe, or farming currency to build up your Dojo, or farming reputation for your syndicate, you wont have nothing to do when you log in to this game. Each warframe is distinctly different and each has their pros  and cons. My two favorite warframes are currently Rhino Prime and Valkyr as they can both become nearly invincible especially Valkyr. The weapons on the other hand can be quite lackluster. Most of the weapons in the game are very poor for high level content. You can use any weapon in the game at low level but when the enemies level raises above the 50 range many weapons in the game drop in effectiveness while a very select few weapons are good no matter what level the enemy is. My top 2 used primary weapons for example are the Tonkor and Torid. Both are very effective but the Tonkor can do any content in the game that isn’t  an Archwing mission. There are no other weapons that I know of that can compete with the power of the Tonkor. Due to this players may be discouraged from playing the game if they have a poor weapon.


Likewise with weapons some warframes are also lackluster for high level content. Some warframes just can’t handle the amount of damage enemies can put out as their level increases, while some simply can’t handle large numbers. I like Rhino Prime because his Iron Skin completely negates damage until broken and it prevents being pulled or knocked down which is usually what will lead to other warframes dying. I also Like Valkyr as she can negate all damage entirely through hysteria and can maintain it as long as there are enemies to kill. As such other warframes find it difficult to progress to harder content.


Weapons and Warframes aside the gameplay itself might also get boring relatively quickly unless you are making several different warframes and weapons at a time to level up and try out. While warframes are distinct from one another many of the weapons are not. In fact many of the weapons are similar but statistical values on them are different. Maybe one does better critical damage while the other has better critical chance. Some do puncture while other do slash, but in the end the projectiles are often exactly the same and you are just using a re-skinned weapon with different values for its damage.

Overall I find the game relatively fun when there is an event going on or there are new weapons and warframes to try out. I often log on farm these new items, level them up  to 30 on Draco then log off till new content comes. After playing for a while and not seeing older weapons or warframes being buffed to be better at higher content I now find the game more difficult to enjoy. Of all the buffs to past warframes the only one that seemed to be really good is the buff to Excalibur which actually made him good. If you do not plan on putting a lot of time into this game and waiting it out for a new weapon or warframe to be made then I would not recommend this game. It is good but It will eventually fall off, for some a lot faster than others. The content is great, and I love that they keep building on the story, but gameplay trumps everything, and this games gameplay is not balanced. Only a few warframes and weapons shine into late game, and this leads to lack of build diversity. When you see people using weapons that are suboptimal it is only because they have nothing better, or they are leveling it purely to get Mastery Rank experience and that is it.

CCR Rating

Early Game


Late Game



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