Rainbow Six Siege Review


Rainbow Six Siege is a first person shooter developed and published by Ubisoft. It is a more tactical and skill based shooter that requires good teamwork and a higher skill level than other first person shooters in order to be successful. Communication is extremely valuable in this game in order to make strategies work well as well as successfully execute the strategies. This game has a much slower pace but in a matter of seconds the game can tilt in any ones favor. This game is essentially a Search & Destroy type of game with objectives like disabling a bomb or saving hostages. Each team is divided into attackers and defenders with each team switching sides most of the time. Occasionally attackers may attack twice in a row or defenders may defend twice in a roll, usually if the team are tied in score.


The characters you play as are called Operators, and each operator is split into factions which consist of attackers and defenders that can be purchased with renown through regular game play or completing challenges. Some operators use similar weaponry but each operator has a special skill or ability that makes them unique, although not all operators are equally good or well used. Weapon customization is minimal to make choices simplistic and the only attachments that really gives players some choice is whether or not to put an optical sight on or not. Recoil patterns can seem off when choosing a grip or a sight as some attachments make the recoil pattern appear to increase on some specific weapons, although that is not the case. In the end a grip will always reduce weapon recoil. Some people believe the lack of weapon customization is a huge negative in Rainbow Six Siege. I do not believe the weapon customization needs to be any larger than it is currently. I do however believe weapon selection is poor in its current state. Currently weapons per operator are limited to a specific selection with several operators just having poor weaponry in general compared to others. For example Blitz or Montagne can only use pistols and a shield. They don’t get any choice on pistols used, and the pistols have essentially no customization options. Of these two only one of them is useful and that is Blitz since he can flash a bright light on his shield to blind people longer than a flashbang can then kill them with his pistol when the enemy is disoriented. Montagne however can only shield the front of his entire body which doesn’t actually help him at all. He cant turn fast enough to prevent advances from an enemy around him to shoot him in the side or from the back. If you attack with a pistol you lower your shield, and good luck getting that perfect head shot with a pistol before the enemies already killed you. As such some operators are good and some are just horrible. This means there is no team balancing between operators. Of course more skilled players can overcome this issue, but being at a disadvantage before the match even starts can make some games difficult to win. A game without a Fuze for example is going to find it difficult to create additional lines of sight and a well reinforced room can funnel the attacking team into one or two entry points which makes defending much easier. Some areas do have trap doors on the ceilings but not all of them do, and even then if defenders choose not to reinforce it they can already expect that some one will use it as an entry point.


Besides the operators themselves or weapon modification I would say character movement is another issue in game play. This game seeks to portray realistic combat but fails to make combat entirely realistic. Strafing left and right while aiming does not introduce any change in recoil or direction of aiming. In real combat if you stick a laser sight on your gun and aim at a fixed location while strafing left and right the laser will bounce all over the place. The same is true when going from a standing position to a prone position. It would not be possible to land accurate shots while performing these actions in a realistic combat situation yet these can be done while maintaining near perfect accuracy. Granted the cross hairs are very wide and do not give you the ability to make very accurate shots when not aiming down sights. This however does not prevent some one from hip firing in the head or chest region while strafing or quickly going prone and getting than single bullet to the head that they require to get a kill. This should be reworked to introduce an increase in recoil while moving and when going prone as well as adding a one second delay when trying to prone to prevent movement based patterns that can be exploited for an unfair advantage as well as maintaining the realistic combat style this game desires to portray.


Graphically the game looks very good and I put it above average. Certainly better than say Call of Duty or free to play first person shooters like Combat Arms or Counter Strike for example. The amount of renown gained on winning is pretty good as well and is more than enough to afford new operators by time they get released. Weapon attachments are cheap as well with camo’s being the only expensive things in the game to buy with renown other than operators. Strategy wise there are not many useful operators. Doc is essentially useless since it is extremely rare that a team mate goes down but does not die within a second or two after going down. Montagne is just not useful enough compared to Blitz as well. Tachanka is also not very good. While Tachanka can get some nice kills with his LMG his LMG brings back the Call of Duty camper instincts in players. Often people will do nothing to help their team while playing Tachanka in order to get kills with his LMG. Likewise Tachanka easily gives away his position by wasting ammunition to create additional lines of sight, usually shooting a wide range of holes in the wall to increase the likelihood they see the enemy before the enemy sees them. Unfortunately that gives away his position and since he cant protect his back side it is not hard to take him out. Rook also is not as good as people think. Often Rook will deploy armor at the beginning of a round and players will all come to get the armor. This wastes time needed to build up a defense and usually results in a poor defense that ends up costing the round. In Rainbow Six Siege a good defense is better than all utility skills from operators. This makes Kapkan, Jagar, Bandit, Castle, and Mute the best operators to use when defending and makes the other operators sub par on usefulness.


Audio I think needs some work. Knowing whether some one is right on the other side of a wall or on the floor above you is difficult. You can hear people walking around on the roof or in the building but position is not easy to define unless you are literally next to them with a wall between you. Unless players are walking slowly and crouched you should still be able to hear their loud boots hitting the floor. Maybe this is intentionally to prevent sound hoarding I am not sure.

Overall I would say the game play and the game over all is above general expectations. The game play can get quite boring especially when the enemy team is clearly not as skilled as you or your team. Likewise the game modes are scarce. It is always defenders vs attackers and that is the entire game in a nut shell. The game play by its nature is slow and time is often wasted waiting for the enemy to make their move. With the inability to go outside as a defender without risking a swift death attackers can spend as much time as they feel necessary to open lines of sight and catch the defenders off guard or out of their effective range as shotguns are primarily the main defensive weaponry. There are short ranged weaponry like SMG’s but they also are poor at long range. Ideally the best weapon in the game is the pistol as it is good at all ranges and it only takes a single head shot to land a kill but this is not as easy to do compared to some one outside using long range weaponry with say IQ, Twitch, or Glaz. This game has a great concept but fails to capitalize on its potential. It reminds me of Evolve when I first saw its gameplay. The idea is unique, how the game play goes is fun, but after a while the game is no longer fun and the game has nothing to keep players coming back for more after they have reached that point. The maps are very well made but are always relatively small, and based on where the objectives are located entire sections of the map just get ignored. New content will add two operators every few months but in the end the operators themselves will not drastically change the game play just like adding new monsters won’t change the game play much in Evolve.

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