Creativerse Revisited


It has been almost nine months since I first played and reviewed this game before it was released to the public as a free to play survival based voxel game. I had many concerns when I first played this game but Playful has made numerous additions to the game that I was hoping would eventually be added. Some portions of the game do still need work but overall the game has made a drastic improvement.

Many new biomes have been added to the game. But to be honest they could have added no new biomes and that would have been perfectly fine. They have made some of the more important changes in my cons list as well such as adding more stuff to do to make progression feel better. Currently getting to Lumite is still fairly quick even for a casual player. But they also added homesteading which allows you to farm and cook food while also taming animals you will encounter. No more eating mushrooms excessively as you can now become a chef with many culinary art skills.


I also very much enjoy the addition of blue prints. One issue in minecraft when trying to replicate the creation of some one else without mods was recreating it perfectly. What block goes where, which way does that block need to face, and so on. Blueprints make things much easier, telling you exactly where a block needs to be placed, how much of each material you will need to finish the blueprint creation as well as the blocks being automatically faced the way the blueprint says it should be. This makes building much easier and faster. Even better is the fact that we now have the ability to protect our creations and the things inside of them, preventing other players from interacting with anything made within the area of where a blueprint is placed. Even new players start out with a blueprint for a Janky House that is not difficult to make but also gives new players a starting goal when they first start the game up. I also noticed that some descriptions for items have been made more in depth for those not accustomed to this type of game. With this type of protections the blocks you place are labeled with you as the owner, the chests are owned by you, and so on. No one else can interact with these unless you give them the permission to do so. Changes like this set this game above that of Minecraft where modding is required to achieve the same mechanics in game. No longer will people not want to make a public server due to fear of being griefed.


A lot of small mechanics from Minecraft have also sneaked into the game through patches and updates over time. Pots that can have plants and such actually placed in them, or the ability to sleep in a bed to advance time. You can even now pass items to other players without the need of a chest by simply dragging the item in your inventory to a loot bag which drops the item on the ground in a bag that another player can pick up. This makes trading possible as well without needing to be at some ones home and have permission to open their chests and so on. I also very much enjoy that there is a clock at the top right of the screen that says the time, what time of day it is, and what type of biome you are in. These are great mechanics that are just pure quality of life improvements.

I very much enjoy that grass and other plants grow or decay. This was very important to me just from an aesthetic point of view in keeping my world looking good or natural looking. I hated having to remove patches of dirt that had grass and be left with patches of dirt without grass every where unless I placed grass blocks down. This was very frustrating so it is nice to see that this has been fixed. I also like that different plants also regrow over time so it gives off the feeling of a natural and constant decay and regrowth in an area. Now I don’t think plants die over time but it is nice to know that if I remove plants from an area some will come back over time.


Temperature is also new to this game and is something that doesn’t normally have a major effect on things in other similar games besides melting ice or snow for example. A lot of people seemed to dislike this addition to the game so I’ll let you decide whether or not it is a good addition or not. I personally think adding temperature to the game and letting temperature effect other block types in the game is pretty cool and allows for some nice interactions.

Finally one of the biggest changes since I last played this game was version two of worlds. This made torches have realistic lighting effects which is quite nice compared to say torches in Minecraft. Like almost every single update there are new biomes and new block additions which give more and more blocks to use as decoration. Many balance changes have occurred as well which I think helps with one of the major issues I experienced when I first played this game, and that is how easy progression was. When I last played it was incredibly easy to get Lumite ore as a new player. While there was progression to get your next cell for your glove to mine deeper, and then get extractors to extract all the ore you find, it was still easy to maintain ores. It was not uncommon for me to go on a mining spree with torches and 100 extractors and have to make several trips back to actually collect the ore I have found. I also found lava level very prosperous. I could just run around for a few hours opening chests that randomly spawned to get more torches and recipes and a few bombs to aid in longer and longer mining sessions with significant rewards for doing so.


Overall I would say the game has made leaps and bounds in positive changes since I last played to further improve the game. I am even happy to see that although the game is now free to play content is not being worked on less or at lower quality. The stuff available in the store are purely cosmetic, more decorative blocks to build, or blueprints to help make something amazing in your world with ease. I am very impressed with how things have gone and compared to vanilla Minecraft I feel that this game is a strict upgrade entirely. Even things you would need to download mods for are present right off the bat in Creativerse and creating your own public world for others to join is easy and free to do.

CCR Rating


As a final note for new players joining the game, here is a tip to help you out. When you create your wood power cell, make sure to un-equip it when “mining” dirt, grass, plants, and so on that do not require a power cell. It is not uncommon to see new players waste their wood power cells on blocks that can be removed without the cell. This will make your wooden cells and all future cells last longer if you are not wasting them.




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