Until Dawn Review


Until Dawn is a drama survival based game based around the idea that your decisions effect the flow of the story and the end result of the story. The story is based around what they call the “Butterfly Effect” and they make sure that the player knows that their decisions actually matter. When I first heard about this game I was quite eager to get my hands on this game and see whether or not most decisions actually do matter in this game, and unfortunately they do not. As such I found the game very disappointing. Most decisions in the game have no effect on whether or not a character will die or not and as such the game does not live up to the claims it makes. I played through the game three times for achievements. The first time I had some people die, the second time I had every one survive, and the final time I killed everyone off. Game play wise I would say the story is easily beaten in 8 hours or less. I would say this is a plus as it is comparable or sometimes even more game play time than some other games that come out. There is some re-playability as well but you will probably never play the game a 3rd time unless you are going for trophies specifically since the second play through shows how little your decisions actually matter. For example on a play through just try to kill everyone off and you will realize how difficult it actually is.

I would say the graphical quality is great especially for a console game. The character facial features are well defined, and each character is created in a way to match typical horror movie tropes. My favorite character in this game is Dr. Hill in particular but that is just me. The way he moves his body, the way he speaks, the emphasis he places on certain words, it all flows together quite nicely to make a character I was intrigued with from the moment I first met him in the game.


As for the other character designs I would say they are perfectly fine. I didn’t particularly care for any of the other characters and I would say I also disliked Josh, but the way Josh is presented in the game I can see most people disliking Josh as well.

Now let’s talk about the horror aspect. Is this game actually horrifying or scary at all? To me personally I would say this game was not scary in the least bit at all. Like most horror movies they are not actually scary, and the story usually plays out in a way to where most people die and maybe one person survives. This game follows suit but tries to provide a very interesting story. The Wendigo’s in this game is the most horrifying thing in the game but there are no jump scares or anything that would actually scare you in this game. Just a somewhat humanoid looking creature that is very thin and hideous looking.


The story is OK, the story of the Wendigo’s in this game is based on a mental illness called “Wendigo Psychosis”, but whether or not it is a realistic diagnosis I am not sure. I am more likely to believe someone is just a cannibal than to believe that they have Wendigo Psychosis.

In conclusion the game is not very scary at all. The story is OK but can be interesting to those who do some research to better understand the story. The game play is very slow except for when being chased by the Wendigo or when chasing after other characters. Your choices do not actually matter, there are a handful of select choices in the game that will determine whether or not a character will die or not, and that is it. So the butterfly effect is very underwhelming compared to what I was expecting. A game where choice matters would have several alternate endings as there would be so many possible outcomes. This game has a handful of possible outcomes. The story follows that of any other horrible horror movie and that also makes the game quite boring. I also found the ending to be very abrupt. When more could have been added after the ending presented. If I was asked whether or not this game is worth buying or not, I honestly would say not to waste your time or money for something you will play for a day or two and then never touch again.


CCR Rating



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