P.T Review & Feedback

P.T (Playable Teaser) was a great teaser for the would be “Silent Hills” game we all were expecting in the near future. I have to say out of any horror game or movie for that matter, this is the best teaser / film I have seen to date. I am a huge fan of horror movies and games but there have been very few that I could say were actually scary. Movie wise I would say the Blair Witch Project was one of the scariest I have seen in my time.

I was quite young when I saw this horror film though so maybe age played a part in the scare factor. Game wise I would say maybe Dead Space 2.

Dead Space 2 was quite scary but also had some terribly painful death scenes to watch. I mean if you have seen the game at all just watching a few of those scenes make you want to cringe and scream. Silent Hill movies in general are also very good but I never found them to be actually scary. If anything I found the monsters that people came up with for the franchise quite scary and interesting. There are many notable characters throughout the franchise but I would say the most interesting and yet horrific creature of all would have to be this mannequin thing below from Silent Hill 2.

Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out how this creature can turn a human into a mannequin but dang is it freaky and horrific. Since I was a fan of past Silent Hill games and the movies I was quite eager to try out the P.T mini game on my PS4. I have to say right off the bat you are already horrified. The great detail in the game is so good and I believe the quality of the game is a major factor in what makes the game itself so scary. But visuals are not everything sound is also extremely important for completing the experience and this game does sound fantastically, especially if you use a headset. I mean you start walking down the hallway, hear every single loud foot step you make on that hard wood floor, and then you start hearing some one behind you. Of course you got to look behind you to see nothing and the lack of anything major to scare you only intensifies the fear factor. As the suspense builds up most people will inevitably get to the major scare scene for the P.T mini game where even I was about to just quit.

Audio was superb, graphics were fantastic, and the end result was genuine fear and horror. I found the only major flaw in this mini game of sorts was not knowing what to do. A guide felt needed and I do not think a game should ever require a guide to complete it. Of course this was not a demo for the would be Silent Hills game but just an introduction into what would be expected in terms of audio, visuals, and simple game mechanics.

I am however very sad to see that Silent Hills has been canceled. Whether or not an alternative Silent Hill game will instead be made with Guillermo Del Toro I am not sure. If I had any say, I would keep Guillermo Del Toro and continue making a Silent Hill game even without Kojima. Konami’s game releases this year are quite small, and unless the list is larger next year I do not see how the publisher can continue on, a single game series is not enough. I mean MGS:V is far over rated and hyped and I would challenge Kojima on his claims that it is his best game to date, but that’s a topic for another day.

Overall I would say P.T delivers what would be expected of a true horror game, and I am sure it would have another continuation of the odd and mind boggling story for the location known as Silent Hill.

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