Borderlands Series Review

The Borderlands series is a great first person shooter with RPG like aspects that make it feel similar to Diablo 3 in nature. I love this game series a lot because the amount of weapons are so vast. While in reality many of the guns are similar with just smaller changes to say damage, or the type of projectile it shoots, or what scope it has, and so on, I still feel that the variety is great. Essentially Borderlands 1 is more like a huge introduction into the world of Borderlands. You get introduced to the game mechanics, what the world is like, and the great Claptrap robot. Borderlands was pretty fun but I would say it is the least interesting in the game series over all. Borderlands two came after in the series and this is where we get introduced to new people, and a man named Jack.

Jack specifically is the main reason I like the entire series as a whole as his personality is very specific and goal oriented. Most of the time if you meet some one who is portrayed as a villain they usually also have a very cliche or boring reason or goal. Taking over the world, getting revenge, ect is all very boring these days for villain motives. In Borderlands 2 however you continuously here Jack say he is a Hero. In Borderlands 2 initially I was like this man has got to be crazy or insane as he is doing some incredibly horrible things and claiming to be heroic in nature. Then I was surprised when instead of a Borderlands 3 game we got Borderlands the Pre-Sequel where we see Jack before the events of Borderlands 2.

He is much younger, and seems like a novice when it comes to combat and such. Once again we see Jack claiming to be a Hero again but this time we now see a character named Athena also vouching for Jack in his claims to be a Hero. We play through the game, see that Jack has and is continuously being betrayed and come to the epic conclusion that Jack has Borderline Personality Disorder (See Diagnostics and & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition). But Jack is also completely right in that he is a Hero. Playing through the series why Jack is a Hero should be come apparent but I don’t want to ruin it for those who have not figured out why. Essentially though in the end Jack is the hero. Moxxi, Lilith, and all vault hunters and a few other characters are all technically the Villains. Yes you play as the villain in the Borderlands series and that is what makes this game great. The entire time you are the villain, and you do not even know it. This is great story telling, giving the impression the entire series so far that you are the Hero. Deep down though you are just a vault hunter, a grave robber, a mercenary for hire looking to score big.

Final Verdict



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