CCR’s Essential Games List

Games in this list are the best of the best, the cream of the crop. These are games that other developers will or have looked upon to build their own games, and games that will stand the test of time. Many games out there are good, but there are very few games that are truly amazing. These games are must haves and received my legendary 10/10 CCR rating and are highly recommended. If you agree or disagree with games in this post please feel free to leave a response I would truly love to hear your opinions as well. Finally before we get on with the show I want to make it clear that perfection is non-existent. You can’t make a game without flaws. These games deserve a 10/10 rating regardless of the flaws present within them. The game may be old, or not your cup of tea, but that does not mean the games are horrible either.

Final Fantasy 7

Bioshock Infinite

The Last of Us

Metal Gear Solid 4

Dark Souls

Five Nights At Freddy’s Franchise


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