Corum Vanadium Review


Corum online fans rejoice as there is now a way to continue playing the game you loved and enjoyed! Corum Vanadium is a private server of Corum Online published by gPotato. This private server is essentially the same as it was then before gPotato was forced to terminate the game by nDoors back in March 2010. Over the last few years private servers have come and gone for various reasons but this one is special.

Before we get into the specifics of this server lets get a brief overview of the game in general for those who did not play this popular game when it was still around. This is a free to play MMORPG that has a siege system unlike any other. There are various dungeons throughout the world that players can attack to take ownership of. Holding a dungeon for a certain period of time rewards the owner with a highly valuable item. These are things all players would want and thus defending a dungeon on ones own would be quite the challenge. This game as such is very PVP heavy. You can PK (player kill) other players in dungeons which would result in them losing experience. This enables guilds to take control of certain dungeons for themselves to reap the rewards and shut the weaker players out from the area resulting in double effectiveness in punishing the enemy. Not only would they not get the dungeon if a guild is strong enough to defend their dungeons, but killing the enemy would also result in their current progression being reversed. A small percentage of experience loss is not a big deal at lower levels but is very painful at higher levels.

There are the typical basic classes in this MMORPG as there are in many others. First there is the fighter who specializes in high HP and high defense. As such expect to level slowly early game but deal great fast damage while maintaining a high level of survivability as you progress through the levels.

Then there is the priest who can be used as a support character that increases attack or movement speed while also weakening the enemy by reducing their damage and movement speed. At very high levels a priest can be as effective as a fighter in terms of damage and survivability thanks to the ability to buff and heal themselves while also removing negative status effects.

Another class is the summoner which has the ability to summon elemental’s that do the fighting for you. The summoner’s elementals are quite weak at the early levels but they get very strong later in the game. Each one specializes in a specific style of battle and each has their own strength’s and weaknesses. One of the best strengths of the summoner is the ability to buff their elementals and later on guardians with high amounts of hp and damage. Add in the fact that elementals can be re-summoned and you have a really good starter character for solo and party play in both PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. every one).

Rangers are also in this game but they are different than one would expect. Rangers in this game do not use bows and daggers but use claw like weapons or spears. Their really good at avoiding damage while also dealing out a lot of fast and consistent damage. They have skills for single target and multi target so with good gear they can be great in PVP and PVE. They also can go invisible for a short period of time which makes it easy to escape from enemies or travel through areas to difficult currently.

The last class in the game is called the sorceress and is typical to any caster in other MMORPG’s. The sorceress has fire, ice, and lightning based single and AOE (area of effect) skills making it very effective at killing enemies traveling in groups.

In other versions of the official game there is also the Arcus and the Argis class but currently this server does not have these classes yet.

Apart from your main character you also have a pet system unlike any other. Many games have pets in them but generally pets have always been considered just vanity or a means of travel, like horses and such. In this game not only do you get pets, which are called guardians in this game, but they also can do very high amounts of damage. Having a guardian is a way of speeding up the leveling process and helps make killing bosses much easier than if you did not have any. There are at least 30 different types of guardian’s in the official game with this server having a few more that are in foreign versions of Corum Online. As you level up your guardian you can teach it new skills, and it becomes stronger. Likewise your guardian actually physically grows bigger with each level, some Guardians being even twice as tall as you are. A few guardians that can be obtained in the game are shown below.

This server does have a cash shop just like the original game but unlike the original you can still directly buy items from the cash shop in game using in game money called karz which drop from most things in the game pretty regularly. This means you can always get in game money and find cash shop items from other players or from an npc in game. Likewise some cash shop items also drop from bosses directly in the game so you can get some cash shop items completely free by just playing the game. Gear wise there are grade 1 through 5 items with some grade 6 items in the game. More grade 6 items will be added in the future as players level up and these items become required to progress. One thing that is important to note is that many of the sets in this game have new and improved set bonus’ or things that didn’t have a set bonus now have one. The power ranger dual armor set is not one of the only few dual set bonus’ anymore as now there are more new items. Some examples are below but there are many more.

Server wise the experience is a little better than the official version but that is to be expected. Guardians however might possibly level slower than they did in the official game. Some dual armors drop from monsters between levels 1 and 15 which can give new characters quick access to an early increase to their skill points. Most of the siege dungeons in the game work but some currently do not. You can also play training dungeon to speed up the leveling process even more, but currently Honor Battle PVP dungeon and Solo Dungeon do not work. There is also no gambler like there was in the original game. Set bonus’ and stat wise you can have much stronger characters than in the original game but some monsters in the game have been given new abilities or made stronger to make up for the increase in individual character power. This server also has double the experience rate and double the drop rate every weekend. There is no working quest system in the game currently but due to the increase in experience gain this is not an issue at all.

Final Thoughts

As a huge fan of the official game I very much enjoy that this private server even exists. If you were a fan of the official game before it shut down I highly recommend you try this game out. It is truly free to play and the players would be happy to see some new faces. As for the CCR rating I have to rate the game in it’s current state. When the owner implements source code and can add in all the missing content over time I will modify the rating to reflect the improvement in overall quality.

CCR Rating


If you would love to try this game for yourself feel free to download the game here. The server owner has now bought source code which now enables him to further improve the game past even what was available when Gpotato owned the game.


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