Creativerse Review


Early Appearances

Creativerse is yet another sandbox based action adventure game similar to Minecraft. While this game shares a voxel based world like Minecraft it is actually quite different and in its current state is different enough to be a standalone game. This game does not provide much info about the world you are in, or how you got a glove that can just suck items into it and spit them back out. This being said you do have a single tool for everything which is quite a change from other voxel based games. Generally if you want to efficiently mine you need a pick axe, or if you want to get grass you should use a shovel, or an axe to cut down trees. In Creativerse you only need your glove and a strong enough power cell for your glove to pick up higher quality blocks. For example you can’t pick up stone when you first enter the game but after crafting your first power cell you are then able to.  Another major difference you will notice right off the bat between this game and Minecraft is that yourself, and other entities are not shaped like portions of squares or rectangles, but more realistic. Humans look like humans, and entities look like beasts with in depth visuals. Graphically wise the game is quite beautiful, and each entity looks nice and cartoon like. During the day entities generally look cute, but at night they change into more ferocious entities that are aggressive in nature.



In Creativerse crafting is much different than in Minecraft. You do not need to memorize any recipes, but also you can’t craft anything in the game as long as you know what materials are needed to make them. In Creativerse you start off with the basic versions of items or blocks, and you must actually craft them to unlock better versions, or alternate versions. Even after crafting every single item in the game, you will not have all the recipes. There are many recipes in the game which can only be obtained from randomly generated chests that spawn throughout different levels of the world. Another major difference one may notice is that in Creativerse crafting items actually takes time, while in basic Minecraft everything is instant. This is different for turning ores in to bars, or higher quality bars, but the process in general is longer in Creativerse.

Ore Generation

In Creativerse it is similar to Minecraft in that certain ores only spawn in certain levels, which are influenced by world height (Y level). This being said Creativerse makes things different by making a single ore node worth more. In Minecraft mining a single iron ore using a regular non-fortune enchanted pick axe will yield a single iron ore. In Creativerse you must place extractors on ore nodes that can give 8-15x more ores from that single node. Likewise it is not uncommon to find several nodes next to each other making finding ore less problematic and destructive to the world. This means you do not need to mine as much for ore as you wont be using that tier of materials to long before you reach the next tier. Eventually though you will make it to the diamond equivalent final tier which is called Lumite in Creativerse.


In Creativerse you do still use swords for combat. You will forever always have a wooden stick to use for combat, and as you continue to make better and better swords the amount of hits required to kill most entities in the game drops to one. All armor and gear degrades over time. Armor loses durability as you get hit and swords use durability as you hit enemies with it. As a side note power cells used to pick up blocks also have durability but you can still pick up the very basic blocks like dirt and sand without having a power cell in your glove.

Getting Home

In basic Minecraft there are not many ways to travel from a distant location back home. You can link nether portals and such to travel to different locations but in general you have to walk back. This is different in modded Minecraft where typically you can use commands to set homes and teleport to them. In Creativerse you can place teleporters down that can be coded using blocks to link different teleporters together. Likewise you can place down a touchstone that you can always teleport to without going to a teleporter which can be accessed by simply pressing “T” and clicking on your name.

Non – Square Blocks

In a voxel based game one usually does not expect blocks to not be square. Some things like processors and crafting stations in the game take up a two high block space as they are animated when you put your cursor over them. Also there are blocks called roofs which actually are slanted. No more having to turn makeshift stairs into the roof of your dream as you can actually build roof blocks.

Healing & Starvation

In Creativerse currently there is no passive health regeneration or starvation system. This means you do not need to farm or constantly eat food. Likewise this also means food and potions are the only ways to heal in this game.

Block Interaction

Blocks in this game do have the ability to turn into other blocks when placed on a heated source, such as a hardened lava block right next to lava. Many things have been discovered and this mechanic makes things more fun. Currently one can turn a mysterious liquid in the game into coal, and then be able to turn that coal into diamonds. There are people to this day still trying to find out if there are ways of making other ore nodes, such as Lumite.

Monster Spawning Mechanics

In Minecraft monster spawning is based on the world you are in, as well as light level, and some other factors, such as block types which can prevent mobs from spawning in an area. In Creativerse monster spawning is based on block and light level and that is it. If a certain block type fills up the larger majority of a chunk it will spawn what ever entities are associated with that block type. As such it is possible to create a giant mob spawner that has multiple levels specifically created to spawn specific entities. This is much different than Minecraft in that you can not force entities such as Endermen, Blazes, or Withered mobs to spawn outside of their world without cheating to create spawners that can spawn them.


  • Can host a public server for free and very easily
  • Will be free to play upon its release ($20 Early Access, $10 in the current steam sale)
  • Good graphical quality
  • Less intensive on your PC
  • Is refreshing to play


  • Progression system is short. Can reach Lumite in a day.
  • Can’t trade or drop items on the ground. Forced to use chests to give items to other players.
  • No Creative mode
  • Cant protect land from griefing (like in basic Minecraft)
  • Mouse wheel scrolls backwards through item list from a Minecraft player perspective
  • No ranged weapons
  • No offline mode ( To prevent cheating)
  • World player limit of 20 (Can’t make huge worlds for many players like in Minecraft)
  • Touchstone forever wastes one inventory slot (Can’t take it out of a chest if you put it into a chest)
  • Is not currently able to be modded (“Plans” are in place to change this in future)
  • Will have micro transactions (Dev’s have stated it wont be pay to win and you won’t feel required to make a purchase. Shop is intended to be mainly for recipes, but whether or not some of those recipes have a major impact on the game progression system or time restraints is unknown)
  • Grass does not grow, trees do not decay. etc.


This game has made a bold decision to make a game that will be free to play upon release. We all know that the “free to play” label carries high levels of negative stigma. Playful has made it clear that they are on the communities side based off of previous actions of pulling down the item mall that used to be in the game, in order to alter it. They don’t want players to feel like making a purchase is necessary or required. They know we hate it, and they seem to hate it as well. Using games such as League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 as their vision of the free to play model means the future for this game is sure to be bright and very good for the company and its future. The game is very good looking, refreshing and new feeling to play, and is sure to give all the Minecraft fans a newer and more refreshing game to play. If they add in ways to prevent griefing by other players and up the world player limit this is certain to give Microsoft a run for their money even without mods.

CCR Rating




5 responses to “Creativerse Review”

  1. Diorthotis says :

    This game sucks


  2. luca says :

    Fun game, but it lacks content. Nice review.


    • CCR says :

      I know what you mean. As of right now the game is still in early access, and as such is not yet in a full release state. Considering that it has much more content than when Minecraft was first released. By that I consider the game to be doing quite well. Now they even have character customization on the way. It might not be in depth, I doubt it, but its something Minecraft doesn’t do If you take away modding. Likewise when modding support is implemented there will be so much user created content that I believe tons of people will enjoy it.


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