Welcome to Chronic Complainer Reviews (CCR)

This is your one stop shop for honest game reviews. Tired of buying games and feeling like you wasted your money? What about all those times that the games you purchased were not even in a playable condition on release? I know I am not the only one to have bought several games over the years and felt cheated out of my money due to over hyped game releases, and broken promises. On this site you will find honest game reviews from some one who has experienced the entirety of a game, both its beginning and end game. Often times games are quite fun when you just start them, but shortly after dies off, resulting in you eventually quiting the game. I have been playing games for over 20 years and have experienced games as they have evolved over this period of time. I am somewhat harsh when it comes to my reviews but that is because I want games today to be better. I am tired of all the cheap poorly done games these days that some how sell well, but are mediocre or sub par. When I give a game a high rating it means it is worth every penny and is a must buy.


One response to “Welcome to Chronic Complainer Reviews (CCR)”

  1. BlockArk says :

    Yeap agree with you! True games can handle any kind of words!


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